I’m kind of partial to the mugs. Thanks for having a look around.


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November Sunset Sky light Sundown on fire Stillness Sunset Chilcotin Sunset


Frosted summer Ice Bells sunrise Feathered Ice Winter creek Black Capped Chickadee Cozy Cabin Nuthatch in the snow Aspen trunk Moose in the Willows


Ice Feathers Feathered Ice Hope is the thing with feathers Red-breasted Nuthatch Whiskey Jack Nuthatch in the snow Mackin Creek in October  Frost Feathers Feather on Ice


Ice Bells Ice and light Feathered Ice Winter creek Mackin Creek in October Wood Duck Wood Duck and Ring Neck Mackin Creek Willow and Ice Crystal Willow


Ice and light Ice Bells Ice Feathers Lichen and Ice Feathered Ice Teardrop ice Winter creek Crystal Willow  Frost Feathers Mackin Creek in March

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